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Transport policy

Transport Policy

When an event is local, it is often the case that clubs arrange for everyone to meet at the event venue. However, where an event is further away, the best option is often for the club to co-ordinate transport arrangements. It is good practice for a club to ensure the following steps are taken in advance of any trip:

  • checks on driving licence, car insurance and MOT (if the car is over 3 years old)

  • ensure there are seatbelts for each passenger

  • check driving experience (additional training may be required for anyone driving a mini-bus – contact Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for further details)

  • additional checks on driver

  • organising central pick-up and drop-off points (to avoid the driver being alone with a gymnast)

  • consent from parents to allow their child to be transported to an event

  • planning the route and breaks (if necessary)

  • contact number for parents


Where groups are small, the most feasible option is often to travel in a private car. Although this is not recommended it may be the only practical way of getting to an event. As part of BG Child Protection Policy 2004, adults must not be alone with a gymnast under the age of 18 years in a car. In the event of an emergency or in completely unforeseen circumstances, parental consent should be sought, the gymnast should always travel in the back of the car and the Club Manager or executive committee member should be informed of the circumstances. In order to protect all young people in gymnastics, this should only happen when there is no other alternative and must not be a regular, approved practice. Failure to comply with this guidance will be considered as a serious breach of the Health, Safety and Welfare and Child Protection Policies.


It is recommended that BG registered clubs who wish to use volunteers to drive groups of gymnasts, keep a register of volunteer drivers and keep a record of checks carried out. If an accident resulted in injury to a BG member, they would be covered under the BG personal accident insurance policy if travelling directly to or from a BG activity or event.


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