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Competition Overview​

  • Gymnast must perform two 10 skill Exercises (routines) in the preliminaries. At National & International level there may be a third & fourth exercise called in the semi-finals & final. 

  • While all competitions rules are based on the FIG code of points there are some differences, which are described in the handbook for each competition series. 

  • The Gymnast should wear the correct attire as per the individual competition rules book, otherwise points can be deducted.

  • Points can be scored in different ways (See more)

    • Execution (E)

    • Horizontal Displacement (HD)

    • Difficulty (D)

    • Time of flight (T)

    • Synchronisation (S) but only when doing synchro with a partner

Day of the Competition

  • ​Arrive at least an hour before you are due to start as competitions can sometimes run up to an hour ahead.

  • While attire rules may differ slightly between competition series in general:

    • Jewellery must not be worn.​

    • White foot coverings must be worn (socks. trampoline shoes or both).

    • Club leotard preferably, alternatively any other leotard.

    • Females - Long tights and Gym shorts may be worn (must be skintight).

    • Males - Gym shorts or trousers .

    • Bandages or support pieces must not create big contrast with the skin colour.

    • Underwear must not be visible. 

    • It is preferable to wear your hair in a bun on the top of you head or some other style that secures long hair.

    • For the schools' competitions a PE kit may be worn.


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