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Club Rules

Delta Trampoline Club is a competitive trampoline club. It's not discriminatory and encourages members of all ages, sexes and abilities. However, the aim of the club is to encourage members to compete at trampolining competitions and to develop their trampolining abilities.


Vigorous activity – As part of Delta Trampolining Club, you'll be participating and involved in a vigorous athletic activity, including trampolining and conditioning. Due to the nature of the activity, there is a possibility of injury. In particular, the sport of trampolining involves a repetitive contact with the trampoline bed, often whilst performing inverted skills, or in a variety of landing positions.


  • All fees are to be paid at the beginning of each month or course.

  • Membership to the British Gymnastics Association is required for insurance, payable every September (excluding recreation sessions, where it's included in the session fees).

  • If a member cannot attend a session, every effort must be made to inform a coach. Three absences without informing a coach will result in withdrawal of membership.

  • Punctuality for each session is essential. If you can't arrive at the correct start time or need to finish a session early, please notify a coach. Continual late attendance will result in withdrawal of membership.  If you're unable to arrive at the correct start time on a regular basis, please speak to a coach to see if an agreement can be made.

  • No food or drink (except for non-fizzy drinks in a sealed water bottle) are to be consumed in the sports hall.

  • No jewellery including earrings are to be worn when trampolining. Your insurance may be void if an injury is caused by jewellery.

  • It's the responsibility of the member to inform their coach of any illness, physical or mental condition that may affect the member's ability to trampoline.

  • Every member must support others by “spotting” when not on the trampoline or conditioning. Leaving the trampoline without permission or acting unsafely when "spotting" may result in the member missing their turn or missing the remainder of the session.

  • Club kit should be worn at all training sessions.

  • No mobile phones by the side of the trampoline.


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