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The BG Proficiency Trampoline awards provide the foundation for high quality trampolining which take the gymnast from beginner to competitor through 15 progressive levels.


The awards have been designed by technical experts from the sport of Trampoline Gymnastics and educational professionals of British Gymnastics (the UK National Governing Body) for use in gym clubs, schools and leisure centres and are currently widely used within these environments.


These awards have been endorsed by the Association for Physical Education (afPE), underpinning the teaching of trampolining within the National Curriculum and can be used for both extra-curricular and extended school provision.



  • Offers a structured and progressive programme with 15 levels and different types of activity

  • Designed by professionals to meet the needs of gymnastic clubs, schools and leisure centres

  • Provides a sound framework for the progressive development of trampoline gymnastics skills

  • Meets the needs of coaches and teachers wishing to assess progress in the quality of performance

  • Promotes an active and healthy lifestyle, forms a basis for physical literacy development and provides skills and actions necessary for other land based sports

  • Endorsed by the Association for Physical Education (afPE)

  • Provides gymnasts with motivation, encouragement and reward in the form of badges, certificates and medals

Awards 1 to 5:

  • suitable for pre-school, beginners and adaptable for participants with a disability

  • inclusive and developmental activities

  • levels 1 to 3 can be performed with assistance


Awards 6 to 10:

  • suitable for primary and secondary children from 5 years

  • develops key trampoline gymnastics actions including routines

  • awards up to level 8 provide an excellent entry into Next Steps Trampoline schools competition pack

Awards 11 to 15:

  • suitable for competitive gymnasts

  • incorporates individual skill development and routine construction

  • suitable for children of secondary school age

  • broadly underpins development work for National competitions

  • includes a number of optional activities at each level



from award 6, the gymnast will be required to work through a range of important physical preparation exercises


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