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Welcome to Delta Trampoline Club we are really pleased to have you as a new member of our great club!

This page will hopefully give you all the information you need for your first session. 

Before you first session

Ensure you have:

  • signed up as British Gymnastics member or if you are an exisiting member you have added Delta as your secondary club. (a link will be sent in your welcome email)

  • Set up your Love Admin profile and set the pre-authorisation to yes, so fees can be collected automatically, it save you and us  time. (a link will be sent in your welcome email)

Note : We appreciate you have just joined but we do ask you to provide 4 weeks notice if you want to leave, this gives us time to fill your place.

The training session

  • A WhatsApp poll is always sent out a few hours before each session to gauge attendance this helps with understanding what equipment we need to set up. Please respond yes or no, it only takes a few seconds and really helps us.

  • Ensure you are dressed appropriately (see the general session rules section opposite/below)

  • Please arrive early to your session to help set up the equipment, there is a lot of things to do, don't worry we will show you everything you need to know when helping out.

  • Help with setting down is also very much appreciated, many hands make light work!

General session rules

  • No bare feet!  Socks or trampoline shoes must be worn

  • Jewellery must not be worn (newly pierced ears maybe taped up)

  • No mobile phones at all by the side of the trampoline

  • No Food at all by the trampoline

  • Water bottles can be kept by the trampoline

  • You are expected to spot by the trampoline while you wait your turn

  • No fashion T-shirts or shorts 

  • No clothes with zips or other metallic objects

Club & Squad training sessions

  • Leotards should be worn (preferably our training leotard)

  • T-Shirts, shorts, leggings, tracksuits can be worn over the top of leotards.


Our website has lots more information, so if you want to know more please have a surf a round!

You will find more info on the British Gymnastics proficiency awards that we use as you start to learn the basics and progress onto more complex skills.

There is a section for our club kit and how and where to buy it from.

If you are thinking about competing we have got you covered, the competition section gives you an overview of the competitions we enter, how they are scored, what to do on the day of a competition and links to our online sign up forms.

We are a GymMark accreditted club and as such we have a comprehensive set of policies in place as well as a welfare team

New Starter information

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