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Safeguarding policy

Delta Trampoline Club is committed to ensuring that those working with children and adults at risk adopt best practice to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the participants and staff.
The club will endeavour to promote the highest standards of care for all members, staff and officials by:  

  • the adoption of the British Gymnastics (“BG”) Health, Safety and Welfare guidelines

  • the adoption of the BG Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

  • the appointment of an individual or group of individuals to whom grievances or complaints can be made confidentially (Welfare Officers) whose role is:

    • to promote safeguarding and provide a safe environment for children and adults at risk, including providing support and advice in the implementation of procedures that safeguard and promote the safeguarding and welfare of all participants, including those who are children and adults at risk

    • to respond to any concerns of harassment, abuse, poor practice and other child protection concerns that are brought to their attention, including

  • reporting to the relevant statutory authorities and to the BG Safeguarding Team

  • ensuring Welfare Officers undertake appropriate training as recommended by BG

  • ensuring that children and adults at risk are listened to and are involved in decision-making

  • ensuring that staff are suitably trained in Child Protection and Health, Safety andWelfare issues and are competent to carry out their responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and adults at risk

  • ensuring that coaches and officials have been screened to confirm their suitability to work with children, where appropriate this will include a Disclosure and Barring Screening (DBS) check

  • ensuring that best coaching practice guidelines are followed at all times

  • ensuring the BG coach to gymnast ratio is met as a minimum standard, however the club’s preference and aim is to have one coach per trampoline, and no more than 4 gymnasts per trampoline

  • ensuring that everyone knows what to do if they are concerned about someone’s welfare and promote a culture where everyone is encouraged to raise concerns without fear of negative repercussions

  • ensuring that grievances or complaints are dealt with promptly and in accordance with the grievance procedures

  • ensuring that a minimum of two responsible adults are present at all training sessions or event

  • ensuring that the participants and/or parents are aware of the purpose of videoing, filming or photography during training or events

  • ensuring all club members, staff and officials are aware of behaviour that is not acceptable and how they can help to keep themselves safe

  • having a zero tolerance of poor practice, bullying or any potential form of abuse and taking appropriate action


This policy should read alongside the following policies:

  • Pickup policy

  • Disability Policy

  • Health and Safety Policy

  • Grievance Policy

  • Photographic Policy

  • Transport Policy

  • Code of Practice


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