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Health and safety policy

As an affiliated organisation to British Gymnastics we will:

  • adopt and implement the BG policy guidelines or ensure existing policies are compliant with BG policy and UK legislation

  • determine the responsibilities of the organisation in respect of any facilities and employees

  • plan the work of the organisation to minimise all risks in respect of Health, Safety and Welfare

  • ensure the responsibilities for health, safety and welfare are designated to individuals with the necessary skills and experience

  • ensure there are adequate training opportunities for staff, coaches, officials and other volunteers

  • ensure reporting procedures are followed for any accidents or incidents and inform BG of any serious allegations or concerns of poor practice

  • The trampolinist/pupil will:

  • always inform the coach/teacher of any medical condition or medication that could affect performance

  • always inform the coach/teacher of any accident in the last 6 months which resulted in unconsciousness from a blow to the head

  • use the trampoline only when a coach/teacher is present and has given permission

  • wear sports clothing and non-slip footwear, tie hair back and keep nails short

  • pay attention when spotting

  • be attentive to the coach/teacher and attempt new skills only after progressive training and permission

  • avoid going under or swinging under the trampoline or end-decks

  • avoid getting involved in ‘tests of daring”

  • avoid stepping on the bed when someone else is bouncing

The coach/teacher will:

  • warn participants of the potential danger and give guidelines for safe practice

  • check evidence that pupils are fit to participate particularly after illness or injury

  • check that pupils wear suitable sports clothing; suitable non-slip footwear (trampoline shoes or nonslip socks) if possibility of toes going through the webbing

  • check that jewellery (including that associated with body piercing), watches, etc have been removed

  • provide trained spotters of suitable size on all sides which are not protected by alternative safety measures, the spotters should be attentive at all times (if children are too small to act as spotters, other trained people of suitable size should be used)

  • check that hair is tied back and nails are trimmed

  • ensure only coaches (for coaching purposes) stand/sit on the frame or end decks

  • ensure suitable rest is allowed following a maximum of 1 to 1 1/2 minutes, 4 or 5 attempts at a skill or 2 routines

  • ensure that drinks and food are kept well away from the trampoline area

  • ensure no-one goes underneath the trampoline especially small children

  • only teach new skills after assessing the readiness of the pupil by observing ability, confidence, and background experience

  • All members must:

  • take reasonable care of their own health, safety and welfare and that of others who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions

  • co-operate with BG, your home country or Regional affiliated organisation and your club on issues relating to health, safety and welfare

  • ensure reporting procedures are followed for any accidents or incidents and inform BG of any serious allegations or concerns of poor practice


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